Admission Requirements

HCC Admission Requirements

Admissions to Heritage Community College requires that applicants follow an application procedure that ensures that enrolling students meet all program admission requirements. In this way, we believe that students will be able to make knowledgeable program and application decisions and therefore be able to meet their education and career goals. All programs have admission requirements that applicants are required to meet to be eligible for program acceptance. Applicants are required to provide original documentation to demonstrate that they meet the program admission requirements.

For Specific Requirements Please Chose The Progam

  • Human Resources Administration - Diploma
  • Digital Marketign Management - Diploma
  • Accounting Payroll Administrator - Diploma
  • Marketing Adminsitration - Diploma
  • International Business - Diploma
  • Health Care Assistant - Diploma
  • English Skills For College - Certificate
  • Bank Teller Training - Certificate
  • Corporate Sales Management Strategies - Certificate
  • Retail Sales Mnaagement Strategies - Certificate
  • Student Enrollment Agreement

    An ‘Enrolment Agreement’ complying with regulatory requirements must be signed by the applicant and/or parent/guardian if the applicant does not meet the age requirement. The applicant will receive a copy of the enrolment signed by a college representative and a copy of the program outline once the student is accepted. The student will also receive the following policy documents:

  • Admissions policy
  • Dismissal policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Student Conduct Policy
  • Non-Canadian Students

    International students require a study permit and are required to follow the process described above with these additions.

  • Original or official copies of all educational transcripts and credentialing documents. must be in English. If the document has been translated the original along with a certified translated copy must be submitted.
  • Proof of English language proficiency as described above.
  • Photocopy of a current passport for proof of citizenship and birth date.
  • A formal letter of acceptance from the College as required by Canadian Immigration Canada.

    “VESTRI POSTERUS SATUS HIC” HCC is committed to inspiring students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through a stimulating and comprehensive program. Within a caring, respectful, multicultural environment, the school is committed to instilling in each student a desire to learn, to take appropriate risks, and to accept challenges. The school community is committed to developing students who are resilient and adaptable, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to continue their education and become

    • 1Skilled.
    • 2Personally Fulfilled.
    • 3Interdependent.
    • 4Socially responsible adults.

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    Face Masks will be recommended on campus for all indoor public spaces, along with active health screenings currently being conducted by the front desk, as well as reduced campus access.

    We remind the College community that stopping the spread of COVID-19 relies on everyone doing their part, including immunization, daily self-administered health checks, staying home when sick, and practicing hand hygiene.