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Formerly a Practical Nursing instructor, Coco joined the staff of HCCBC in February 2020 as an HCA instructor. She is responsible for the overall delivery of the HCA curriculum. She loves the opportunity to care for her students in the spirit of establishing the importance of compassionate caregiving and seeks to foster an environment of mutual respect and dignity within her classroom that eventually is extended to those in the community.
Hailing from the Far East, Coco spent most of her childhood life growing up in Singapore. Coco’s exposure to diverse cultures at a very young age certainly contributes towards her easy-going, readily accepting and culturally respectful demeanor. She has an entrepreneurial bent, having spent many years running a successful non-profit organization called Project Blue Hands Society. PBHS’ foundation is strictly based on restoring dignity and self-worth in the lives of various people in the DTES community. PBHS aspires to set the example of bridging the gap between marginalized and privileged youths via the various youth empowerment projects and involves the public and private school sectors to bring awareness to Vancouver’s drug crisis and homelessness issues to young students in British Columbia.
Her heart is innately compassionate and has a driving spirit to teach the attitude of gratitude amongst those she meets. She is passionate about creating and sustaining a ‘Culture of Kindness’ in which staff, students, patients and volunteers feel valued and are equipped to serve a complex clientele with compassion and excellence, while also maintaining healthy professional boundaries and adequate self-care practices. Coco Rosary is a Licensed Practical Nursing Supervisor and educator by profession and has extensive experience working in the community, acute and long term care settings.


  • Founding DirectorAnnual #GiveThanksDay World Music Festival
  • Licensed Practical Nursing Supervisor and educator
  • Founder – Project Blue Hands Society


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