Terms and Conditions

refund policy

Heritage Community College offers programs in various areas. If student apply for withdrawal from program due to any reason, refund will be issued based on this policy.

Heritage Community College insures that all refunds are completed by authorized designated person, based on refund requirements.

When a refund is due, an institution must provide it within 15 days of:

  • Receiving a notice of withdrawal from a student via email stating the reason
  • Receiving a copy of refusal of a study permit
  • Providing a student with a notice of dismissal
  • Receiving notice from the SEA to issue a refund because the institution did not provide a work experience to a student or a student was admitted in an approved program without meeting the admission requirements

refund eligibility

Refund eligibility and amounts are calculated based on the date the request for withdrawal form is received by the Heritage Community College via e-mail. The number of business days required for notification deadlines are based on the official working days as designated by the college excluding statutory holidays and unscheduled closures.

Below are the criteria for all the full time programs (Diploma in Accounting & Payroll Administration, Diploma in International Business and Diploma in Heath Care Assistant).



3 business days before start date

Total Tuition paid, minus deductions*

2nd business day after start date

80% of tuition portion only, minus deductions*

5th business day after start date

50% of tuition portion only, minus deductions*

6th business day after start date No Refund


 All refund requests are subject to deductions of Administration fee.

  • Administration Fee: $ 500

Work experience related refunds

No refund needs to be issued if an institution offers a work experience component and student does not attend or if a student fails to meet the criteria to complete the work experience program (e.g. by failing a class).

Deferral of Admission

A written request (outlining the need for a deferral and detailed activities planned during that time) must be received by the HCCBC office a minimum six weeks prior to the program start. Deferred admission is subject to availability of the program and may be granted to a maximum of one year. A deferral cannot be granted if a student is denied a study permit by Citizenship & Immigration Canada.


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