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NOC Code: 2281 Computer Network Technicians / NOC 2282 User support Technicians

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the program, graduates can work as computer network Technicians or below occupations list:

  • • Data center operator
    • Internet Web site technician
    • Local area network (LAN) Technician
    • Network support technician
    • System Technician

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12/GED or equivalent
  • International students, for language proficiency, require IELTS at least 5.5 band or Canadian Language Benchmark Test level 6 or college’s ESC Program.



Course Information

  • Program Type: Full-time Diploma
  • Classroom: 165 Hours
  • Computer-Based Training: 315 Hours
  • Program Length: 11 Months
  • Delivery Method: In-Class/Online Delivery
  • Campus: Surrey, BC, Canada


Program Info

Learning Objectives/Outcomes The Network Support Technician Diploma program prepares graduates for positions working in computer and network-related administration. Graduates will have an understanding of communication and support training; students receive training on popular operating systems including Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows Servers. They will be able to be employed by commercial and industrial establishments, government departments, and technology firms or consulting businesses.
Student Progress/ Assessment Methods Students will be assessed through written tests, computer-based tasks and assignments. After each lesson, there will be a question paper, which needs to be completed and submitted to the instructor for marking. This method of continual assessment ensures that your instructor can consistently monitor your progress and provide you with assistance throughout the duration of the course.
Attendance Expectations

85% of classes must be attended to achieve competency for this qualification

Graduation Requirements Minimum C grade average is required for graduation


Program Hours

Subjects Number Of Hours
SFCS100 Strategies for College Success

20 Hours

NET110 A+ Computer Technology (220-1001) 80 Hours
NET112 A+ Hardware Maintenance (220-1002) 80 Hours
NET114 Introduction to Windows Server 2016 (70-740) 80 Hours
NET120 Networking+ Level 1 (N10-007) 60 Hours
NET130 Introduction to Linux Level 1 (XK0-004) 60 Hours
NET134 Introduction to Cisco Networks (200-301) 60 Hours
EMPL111 Career Employment & Strategies 40 Hours
Total 480 Hours


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